How would you like to capture a fleeting moment? Early in the morning in a field of tall grass still clinging to the morning dew? Or, up on a mountain as the glow of the setting sun kisses your face? Maybe you want to unleash yourself and brave the cold water as the wind courses through your hair?

Whatever the moment, or whichever of life's milestones you may be at, take this opportunity to press the pause button.  Whether you are an expecting mom, a graduating senior, a family, or just bursting with creative energy, Kim Lincoln Photography can help you capture these special moments and turn them into everlasting memories. 


Hi!! Thanks so much for checking out my page! I'm excited to work with you to help create photos you will love! 

Just a little bit of info about me. I'm a licensed, small business, professional photographer. I have 10 years of experience creating portraits. I attended Western Washington University where I majored in Journalism. I have a solid, education based photography background specializing it natural and studio light. 

My goal is to work closely with you to create images you will be proud of. I want to help everyone see the beauty I see in them. 

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